This is what folks are saying about Takeoff:
It’s a good trainer for newbies and if you’re not new to aviation photography, there are many, many useful tips kind ideas. A worthwhile read that every air show photographer should if only just for the common courtesy hints!

“Must-have” is a tired cliche’ but I will use it here. If you want to shoot better airshow photos, improve your action photography in general, and maybe even consider moving beyond airshows as an aviation photographer this is your first purchase even before a camera (there is useful buying information in here I wish I had read before I invested thousands in gear).

It is like having a one-on-one coach, friend and storyteller all at your disposal. In many circles, Moose is known for his wildlife and landscape work, but from the very first pages of this book, you learn why aviation (WWII in particular) has become a central focus of his work.

I received this book on Friday. Wow, what a read. I’ve only read the introduction, the first section, and began reading section two so far. There are a few things I will add to my arsenal of photography tips from what I’ve read.

The book was delivered to me on Monday and reading the first chapter goes as if Moose is talking to you. I’ve leaved through the book and read the Quick briefs and I’m ready to get out and try some of the tips.

We are honored by the hundreds of you who cleaned off the Amazon shelves of my new book, Takeoff! To all of you, know that I would be honored to sign your copy whenever our paths should cross. And to all of you who have requested to buy an autographed copy, we are now able to offer you that. We’re not Amazon so don’t have the power for the same quantity discounted price but we do have an autograph pen :-) The price is $44 +S&H. To order your copy, you’ll need to call the office and talk with Sharon 760.924.8632 (M-F 9-5PDT). Thanks again to you all for your faith and support!
May Blue Skies fill your Horizon!

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