JC Camera Viewfinder Eyecup

I depend on the “perfect” eyecup for my cameras to get sharp images! They act like a shock absorber between me and the camera. I pull the camera body in tight against my face so the eyecup also needs to provide a cushion against the camera body and my eye socket. The DK-33 hits my eye socket right on the bone so after a while, it hurts pulling the camera back tight. I prefer round eyecup. “Tear drop” style never have worked well for me as many do not really lend themselves to shooting vertically. The latest one I’ve found works pretty well. The JJC Camera Viewfinder Eyecup Eyepiece for Nikon Z9 Replaces Nikon DK-33 Eye Cup, Oval Shape Soft Silicone and 360° Rotatable Design from Amazon is not a true tear drop but does rotate easily between vertical and horizontal. It is an improvement, but the hunt still continues.

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