The Z 9

Nikon dropped Z 9 Firmware Update today. Firmware 1.10 contains at least:

• Increased the burst length for dual-format (NEF/RAW + JPEG or JPEG + JPEG) pictures taken at 20 fps in continuous high-speed release mode.
“C” firmware version 1.00:
– NEF/RAW (high-efficiency★) + JPEG basic (large): Approx. 3 seconds *
– JPEG Slot 1 – JPEG Slot 2 (Slot 1: JPEG fine (large); Slot 2: JPEG basic (small)): Approx. 3 seconds *
“C” firmware version 1.10:
– NEF/RAW (high-efficiency★) + JPEG basic (large): Approx. 8 seconds *
– JPEG Slot 1 – JPEG Slot 2 (Slot 1: JPEG fine (large); Slot 2: JPEG basic (small)): Approx. 8 seconds *

* The length of the burst that can be taken before the frame advance rate drops. Figures are reference values obtained via in-house measurements performed using a NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S lens and a ProGrade Digital COBALT 1700R 325GB CFexpress memory card. Burst length will drop in some circumstances, including if:
– Backup is selected for Role played by card in Slot 2 or
– ON is selected for Auto distortion control.
• Options highlighted in the Filtered playback criteria list in the PLAYBACK MENU can now also be selected and deselected by pressing the multi selector right.
• Fixed an issue that prevented optional SB-5000 flash units synchronizing with the shutter when all the following conditions were met:
– A shutter speed faster than the flash sync speed was selected with 1/200 s (Auto FP) or 1/250 s (Auto FP) chosen for Custom Setting e1 Flash sync speed in the CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU.
– The SB-5000 was controlled via radio AWL using an optional WR-R10 or WR-R11a wireless remote controller mounted on the camera.
– The flash unit was not mounted on the camera accessory shoe.

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