The Z 9

Got a blinker in your family? A blinker is someone who blinks when you take their photograph, most often in response to hearing the shutter going off. I sure do, my wife, she blinks in the majority of the frames. I thought the Z 6II would solve the issue but even its slight shutter noise caused the blink reaction. Well, Sharon met her match with the Z 9. So far, not a single blink in any pics! The no mirror noise is obvious but what’s not is that the Z 9 has no mechanical shutter, it’s truly all-electric. It only makes noise if you want it to and when I’m photographing any of my camera-shy family (no clue how they got that way!) the Z 9 is silent. I love it. A cool feature Nikon built into the Z 9 is a Sensor Shield. By default, it is OFF but I have it ON and in My Menu. When changing lenses, for example, powering down the Z 9 closes this shield keeping things like dust off moisture from hitting the sensor (it’s back to OFF when cleaning the sensor). For me, this means the issue I had decades ago of a snow flake hitting my sensor and melting during a shoot can’t happen! This is just an example of the ton of forward-thinking, problem-solving features the Z 9 incorporates. Now I’m not sure Sharon appreciates this as much as I do, but I love no more blinkies!

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