Z 9 Sensor & Visible Dust Sensor Swab (no, not a custom swab, just artistic license with photo)

I’ve had a lot, I mean a lot of emails asking if sensor cleaning has changed with the Z 9? The quick answer is no, the same as in my Sensor Cleaning ’19 with one, small exception. With the Z 9, I go into My Menu and change Sensor shield behavior at power off from On to Off. With that, I pull the EN-EL18d battery, turn on the Z 9 to bleed off any power that might remain in the system then proceed to wet clean the sensor as needed. I then insert the battery into the Z 9, and go to My Menu > Sensor shield behavior at power off from Off to On. That’s it, nothing to it. Just keep in mind this is how I do it and is not recommended in the instruction manual.

And just as a reminder … practice your gentle touch with the swab PRIOR to cleaning. With the swab in its plastic sleeve, practice having a light touch by pressing down the swab/plastic sleeve so the end of the plastic sleeve BARELY bends with the pressure you’re creating. easy peasy!

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