I just posted my latest settings for the Z 9. There is a possibility that with tomorrow’s firmware update, I’ll be reposting them but that goes with the territory. Here’s one note on the settings that might have you befuddled. Many love to see through the EVF the changes they are making visually when they change exposure, white balance, and the like. If you are using my settings be alerted that you need to change Custom Setting d8 to the opposite of what I have set and to turn off d9 to see your effect on the photo in the EVF / LCD. If you are shooting a rock or stamp or something not doing much, I would highly recommend no shooting at 20fps! I’ve always thought I had a really light touch when firing off a camera but the Z 9 is so darn fast, even my finger rips off a couple of frames when I don’t need them. This is especially true of those photos of my toes. You know the ones, when your camera is on a strap on your side and you accidentally hit the shutter release. I was pushing a plane into position the other day on the ramp and did this only to find over 100 frames of my feet in the snow. On the flip side, when I want all those frames to capture the slightest of change in action, I love them 100 frames. mtc
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