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on Jan 7, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

3 Great New Tools from Nikon!

Nikkor 120-300f2.8 ED

The 300f2.8 has been an iconic Nikon lens since it was first introduced. No version though is as spectacular at the new 120-300f2.8 ED! I’ve owned a 300f2.8 a number of times during my career and (hope Sharon and accountant aren’t reading this), I’m really thinking seriously of adding this lens to the locker! The size, weight, and flexibility would be killer for everything from critters, landscape, and aviation for me. And for sports … oh my … dream lens.

Z70-200f2.8 ED

The Z line of lenses is growing with the introduction of the Z70-200f2.8 ED lens. I’m the first to be taken back by its specs, the size, weight and still 77mm filter size, wow …compact (comparatively speaking). I’ve not shot with the Z70-200 yet nor talked with anyone who has but with the results I’ve seen with the Z24-70f2.8, I can’t wait to do so!


Yeah … this one totally took me by surprise! Being a huge D750 fan (still in the locker and used), I can’t wait to drive a D780.

You can find out all the specs on these and other new gear, head to the Nikon website.

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