The Benro FS20Pro 2 in 1 Head supporting the Z400f4.5 / Z 9 attached via RRS Foot

I’m so excited by the Benro FS20PRO I’m not sure where to start! It’s less than $85, supports the Z400f4.5 w/Z 9 attached, it works and feels like a fluid head but it’s not, it weighs only a half a pound (a half of a pound!) and is not just a ball nor rational head, and it works brilliantly! On the Benro Tortoise tripod, it’s a dynamic duo I’m taking everywhere. How does it do all of this? I gotta admit, I’m not really sure of the engineering but do know it works beautifully. You have what appears to be your basic panning function with a lock, but it feels as smooth as a fluid pan. You have a lock for the limited ball movement and separate lock for full tilt movement. The movement of the camera platform then has the smoothness and “tension” of a fluid head, but it’s not. Did I mention it’s less than $85 and weighs a half a pound? It has a video handle that folds down that contains a built-in allen key. The mounting platform (accepting swiss grove plates) rotates a full 360 degrees as does the panning base. It’s a fantastically simple, elegant, solid head, my go to now. It’s a gorgeous head!

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