Broadway Street Bridge, Little Rock captured by Z 9 / Z24-120

Bedford Camera has his marvelous event going on this weekend, their Photo Expo in Little Rock. I was very fortunate to be invited to speak last night and then lead a photowalk this morning. It was a complete joy to do both as these are marvelous, passionate photographers hungering to learn more. How so? They got up and joined me this morning at 06:00 for a photowalk along the River Walkway. It was to be just a 90 minute walk. With the classes that started at 09:00 and the incredible heat and humidity, besides being my favorite time out shooting, it just made sense. And in those 90 minutes, we might have gotten only 100 yards but they were a great, 100 yards!

Na, there was no amazing photographic opportunity that kept us in place, just a real teachable moment and a group of very willing and open minded visual storytellers. What you see above it the Broadway Street Bridge. It has some elegance to it but the skies, they couldn’t be any balder if you tried. How do you make a click of it bringing some drama to the engineering? That what we explored for 90 minutes. The photo on the left was taken at 06:31 and on the right at 06:51. There is just 20 minutes and -1 stop difference (photo on right was shot at -1) between the two technically. But visually, there is quite a distance. And that’s what made the morning so great as we talked through the technical and mental hoops to jump through for each photographer to bring their own drama to the moment. It was a great morning and I was honored to be amongst such a great group of folks! And for me in this humidity, I so welcomed a great 100 yard photowalk!

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