The Hummer Rig: Z 9 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4 w 2x Profoto A10

Hummingbirds like the Green-breasted Mango you see on the LCD are flying jewels! I ventured down to Costa Rica in a quest to see, experience and photograph more species than we have in North America. That quest was very much satisfied in large part to two factors. Rancho Naturalista, our host and the Nikon / Profoto technology. It takes all I’ve got to keep them buzzing puffs of feathers in the viewfinder. If I had to deal with focus, exposure and flash on top of that, I’d have not a single photo to share. The one addition that worked amazingly well was the update to the Z 9 AF system, specifically the Auto Area AF – Bird Eye. The Profoto A10 with the dome is a great light source bringing the color to life, running two of them and ratioed so you can see their roundness while bringing out the jewel. If you’re wondering about the whole process, I posted two videos last summer which covers it all accept the addition in the Z 9 AF advances. I love hummingbirds and admire them so, simply as fast as technology!

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