Your are all invited to a fun evening talking planes and photography at the Fayetteville, AR Bedfords store 27 March, 2023! This is a live and in person presentation that will end when all of your questions are answered.

Photography is all about writing with light and this process takes on a whole new level with aircraft. Getting in the air with aircraft with your camera is the ultimate goal and getting there is easier than you think! Come with me as I take you into the skies and brief you on all you need to know for your aviation photography to take off. The essential such and camera gear and history, autofocus settings and exposure that we build upon are a must. But then we get into aircraft, working with statics building to ground to air and finally the air to air are the next steps. This all leads us to bringing motion to our still images, romance to pieces of steal and telling a story the grabs the attention of our viewers.

Please, join us for a great evening! Thanks Bedfords!

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