Benro’s TMA27C Mach3 Tripod

With my find and love for the Benro Mammoth Tripod & Wildlife Head, I have done a deeper dive into the Benro line. I’ve long wanted a incredibly stable travel tripod and with all my searching I came up short until I tried the Benro TMA27C Mach3. OMG, what a tripod! Weighing at 3lbs, its stats say it can hold a 30lbs load. I don’t know anything about that but what I do know, it holds the Z 9 / Z400f4.5 with Z1.4x and permits me to do a silky smooth pan on bird and planes (what I was using it for this past weekend) with ease! Collapsed it’s only 24.5″ in length so I travel with it with the head attached in my checked luggage. I love that! It is a three leg section tripod with one leg detaching to become a monopod. Its height as you see pictured here is 64″. The most important attribute to me is its small package growing to the perfect size and support. This past weekend it easily fit in the cargo hold for the flight into the splashin. That might not sound like much, but the hatch size is small, the compartment shallow so making that angle to insert very tight. Then I used it to shoot slow motion video of flight operations. It nailed that with killer stability on the grass for smooth pans. I’ve really gotten hooked on Benro so I’ve divin even deeper into their line. I foresee posting more goodness from these brilliant engineers!
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