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on Mar 30, 2020 in Random Thoughts

Moose Podcast #181 – “Keep the Faith”

In this episode “Keep the Faith”
Photography in normal times can be a road of challenges. Just when you think you had a head of steam, something takes the wind out of your sails. And today, even more so. You just gotta remember to keep the faith.

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on Mar 27, 2020 in Random Thoughts


Long before, a long time before I learned what FOMO stood for, I suffered from it! Suffer is the perfect word as I would sit in the office with my insides all tied in knots thinking about the photographs I was missing working at my desk and not being out shooting. In some instances, I knew exactly what I was missing. I would be fit to be tied behind my desk and not my camera. It went on for some time, like years, then, it all changed. I didn’t and don’t suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out … the photograph anymore. Might you be feeling that right about now? What changed for me that I don’t suffer from FOMO any longer? I don’t actually remember the moment or an incident but all of a sudden I realized that I’m always missing out so everything was status quo. I mean, how many times was I standing behind the camera shooting and I missed the photograph? Wasn’t that the...

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on Mar 23, 2020 in Random Thoughts

Moose Podcast #180 – “The Next Step”

In this episode “The Next Step”
It’s a constant photographic challenge, how to get better at it! You might be feeling a little inundated right with life’s challenges but I have an idea how to circle things back to your creative side so you can take the next step.

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on Mar 20, 2020 in Random Thoughts

Community Support

Right now, with so much coming at us, we as a community can make a difference! One photograph can change the world! We have to support all we can in our efforts, thoughts, prayers, and dollars. While it might seem all dark, we WILL come out on the other side and as a community, I want to make sure our creative spirit comes along with us. Our neighborhood camera stories have been there for us and we’ve supported them all these years and right now, they still need us. It won’t cure a thing but it might just put a smile on someone’s face and that’s a good thing. If you feel you can, support your local camera...

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on Mar 18, 2020 in Random Thoughts

KelbyOne – While You Practice Social Distancing!

Putting a silver lining on our current events, use this time of social distancing to up your photographic game! KelbyOne has a ton of great classes, I am fortunate enough to have a few of them. Use this time of being at home to brush up on old skills and learn some new ones. And at the moment, KelbyOne is running a special for new members. Your mental health is just as important as your physical and our photographs can brighten your world. And when you share them, brighten everyone’s...

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