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on Jul 19, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Finding that Silver Lining

It’s vacation time, you’ve probably been planning your trip for a half a year or longer. You got the dates off from work, the kids are out of school so you’re lock and loaded. You pack the car or hop on that flight and reach your destination only to find that mother nature simply doesn’t wanna play. It’s very possible that all your hopes are dashed on the rocks, that is if you don’t start finding that silver lining. Such was the case last fall when we arrived in Yosemite to film my KelbyOne Class. The planning for the class starts nine months before when there were a winter snowpack starting and the cold air eliminated any possibility of fire. There was no way of knowing when the dates were put on the calendar (which is a struggle all on to itself) that the winter would stop short or that the place would be burning down around us. But that was the case and just like you when you’ve...

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on Jul 16, 2019 in Random Thoughts

That Sneaky Portrait

On a lonely MT road with the skies threatening to wash us back to the Pacific, we stand to photograph a lonely barn on a picturesque hillside. I have the 105f1.4 on the Z7 (via the FTZ) as I position myself for the photo. My beautiful bride is standing behind me, the stormy backlight painting across the landscape and highlighting her hair. If I’m not sneaky, I won’t get the shot. I prefocus at the distance I think she’s standing away from me. I set the Z7 to AutoArea AF so the eye detection will lock on fast as I know I only have a moment. I dial in exposure comp, keep looking over my shoulder and when I think I have the shot, I turn quickly, hit the AF Button and rip off five frames before my shy subject knows what I’m up to. Ah ha … I did get one though...

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on Jul 11, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Monument Vly – Antelope Cyn Photographic Adventure!

When the world pictures in their mind the American West, they picture Monument Valley! These ancient lands of red spires and blowing sands of the Navajo, John Wayne & Henry Ford, have called to adventurers and photographers since they were first discovered and still does. We are heading back to this magical lands August 18-23, 2020 and want you to join us! We are taking just six photographers to explore with our hearts and cameras Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, and Antelope Canyon from sun up to sundown and long into the night! The sunrise shoot at Totem (pictured above) all by itself is worth the travel to this incredible locale! This is a landscape photographer’s dream location. Color photography, B&W photography, star trails is just some of what’s on the schedule. We’ll explore the local history and the digital darkroom using every tool available to bring back the photographs you will treasure for a lifetime. Our dates take advantage of the dark skies and summer thunderstorms adding...

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on Jul 8, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Aviation Photography Evening with Moose

I’m incredibly excited to invite you to a great night hosted by Northland Photography Club of Kansas, Sept 13th! Sponsored by Nikon, we’re going to explore a night of aviation photography. In the heartland of aviation history, I’ll cover everything from f/stop and shutter speed and lens to aircraft, light, and storytelling. Click on the banner below for more info. I’ve been told the response already is so great a bigger room has been rented to accommodate more folks. I look forward to meeting all of you so come and join in on the...

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