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on Jul 18, 2018 in Random Thoughts

WRP Tripod Pads are Back!

Bringing them on the market nearly twenty years ago, we’ve not been producing them for the last few years. But the demand for our Tripod Pads was overwhelming. With the help of our amazing daughter, we’re very pleased to reintroduce the new and improved product. Now the purpose of the Tripod Pad is real simple, to tack the “edge” out between the tripod leg and your collarbone. The new version has twice the padding without preventing tripod legs from closing fully. It’s real cushie! Another new advance is the straps that attach the Tripod Pad to the tripod. They are totally adjustable for ANY tripod leg diameter with the new system. And just to make them purdy, the straps come in either black or red (my favorite is red). The price for one unit is $34 (+S&H). If you’re interested, give Sharon a call 760.924.8632 (9-5PST M-F) and we’ll get them out to...

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on Jul 16, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Osh is just a Week Away!

We are “over the top” excited to be spending the week at EAA AirVenture next month AND signing my book, Takeoff. Now we’ve been asked to make a presentation. On the 24th, 08:30-09:45 at Forum Stage 7, I’ll be giving you ideas, techniques, and tools how to create photographs at an airshow beyond what the public normally captures. Many are already asking if we’ll be there. If you’re thinking of going, or know you’re going, we want to invite you to stop by and say hi, get your (or gift) book signed (they will be there for sale of course) and ask any questions that I might be able to help with. Here’s my schedule: Day / DateTimeLocation Tues 07.2409:45-10:45Wearhouse Wed 07.2508:30-09:30Sky Shoppe Thurs 07.2608:30-09:30Sky Shoppe Fri 07.2710:00-11:00Welcome Center Tent Sat 07.2809:45-10:45Wearhouse Sharon & I will be at the event all week and if not signing books or working with folks, on the flight line shooting. Please, if you see us and want to say hi or converse, walk...

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on Jul 10, 2018 in Random Thoughts

The Personal Side

My dear, dear friend Kalebra sat me down in front of a camera to talk about, me. The Personal side of Moose Peterson with Kalebra Kelby is now posted. Thanks Kalebra, you’re the...

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on Jul 10, 2018 in Random Thoughts

“Why” with … Me!

I was real fortunate to be included in Skip Cohen’s “Why?” series. What’s it about? Well, you might want to listen cause I talk about WHY I’m still out shooting forty years later....

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