The Moment Happened!

Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 TC

I”ve well documented my forty year love affair with Bighorn Sheep. With nearly 100,000 images in the files of this noble and fascinating critter, many have asked me, “don’t you the shot yet?” No two session with sheep is the same, their complex and amazing life intrigues me and has captured the attention of my camera at every click. This morning was no different as we were surrounded by seventy-eight of them going about their fall ritual. The “big boys” were off on a knoll sleeping in long after the majoriy of the herd were up and about. After about an hour they decided it was time to move. Thirty minutes later they were down the slope and coming or way. We were plastered next to the truck letting them do what they wanted to do, not moving or chasing them, just letting life unfold. It’s how I was taught and how I’ve always been with sheep. Well the four big boys, the oldest you see here who was at least ten years old walked right up to us. As in, the Z600f4 TC was at its MFD. And for the next forty minutes they hung with us as they ate, pushed, shoved, socialized and plotted which ewes to chase. This shot of just part of a curl and that eye is one I have longed wanted in my viewfinder. If you know me and my photography, you know I’m not an eyeball photographer and yet, this is the one I’ve long for from my first enounter with these knoble beasts. I couldn’t believe it when finally, the moment happened!

Art & Craft of Bird Photography – Join Us

Our feathered friends bring so much joy with their very existence! Their diversity in size, shape, form, color and life is often hard to all take in as they do nothing more then go about their daily lives. And for photographers and birders, they bring us a challenge that few other subjects come close to doing. How do you find them or how do you get close or how about figuring out who they are or what they will do next? And the real big question, how to you make that photograph that brings back all the wonders that is, a bird? Looking forward to your joining us! Click here for more details and to register.

Moose Podcast #371 – “It’s the Application that Gets Ya!

Aero C-104

Caddo Lake captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 TC

In this episode of the Moose Podcast #371 – “It’s the application that gets ya”, You’ve read the books, you’ve taken the online classes, you’ve even gone to talk where you’re told you now possess all the secrets and yet, the photos aren’t what you want. There’s a reason, let’s talk!

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Podcast Transcript

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Bedford Camera

Z800f6.3 For Sale

photo courtesy of Nikon

A gorgeous, sharp Z800f6.3 is looking for a great home! The owner is lightening up their kit, getting the Z600f6.3 and wants to sell their Z800. Comes with everything just like you’d buy it new from a dealer. If you are a real buyer (not just asking a bunch of questions), please email wenganna at to purchase. The price is $5k. Thanks!

No Two are Ever the Same!

Caddo Lake captured by Z 8 / Z24-70f2.8

No matter what the weather report forecasts, what you might see when you launch from the dock, by the time you’re amongst the ancient Cypress of Caddo Lake, it is always spectacular! And it’s guaranteed the sunrise will be so different. No two are ever the same!

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