South Bound in the Snow

Snow Geese captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

I was out taking care of chores on The Ranch as the snow fall was tapering off. There was gorgeous dappled lighting coming from the west, sunset ninety minutes off. An all familiar sound floated over the area, the sound of Snow Geese. My head instantly went skyward and my gaze was rewarded with V after V of Snow Geese winging south. Snow flakes landed in my eyes so I opened my mouth to catch a few as I enjoyed the sights and sounds. With that, I went back to my chores. Thirty minutes later I was out on the deck with the Z 9 / 180-400VR photographing the White-tailed Deer foraging in the new snow with the heavenly chorus still filling the air. I looked up to see some blue sky filtering through the clouds and saw the flocks still heading south. It had been over forty minutes of Snow Geese moving south. I assume the storm that just left 6″ of snow on The Ranch gave the geese the hint to take to the wing. I pointed the lens up and took the shot, seeing an arrow pointing south. After a few clicks, I put the camera back down and just watched the sight. It seemed a natural to see Snow Geese being south bound in the snow.

Love This Book!


This book is brilliant! It fits my podcast today like a glove (what are the odds of that?). When you turn the page, there is just one word, the color on those two pages. Well, all the shades of that one color. Then you turn the next page, another single word for the new color. It’s KISS in it’s my purest form because it’s not written for photographer but for kindergartners! But us photographers can learn a lot from the simplicity of the book. And how do we take those lessons and apply them to our craft? We go out and shoot, shoot and shoot and teach ourselves to see those colors, capture those colors, tell stories with those colors and grab heartstrings from those colors. Kids, they know how to learn!

Moose Podcast #318 – “The Obvious, Obviously!”

Aero C-104

Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace captured by Z 9 / Z24-120f4

This episode of the Moose Podcast #318 – “The Obvious, Obviously!”, Clearing the path to creativity, the photograph that tells the story is a huge challenge. One of the biggest obstacles can be ourselves, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

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A Celebration of Photography – Join Me!

Kodiak Brown Bears captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6AFS
This is a going to be a great evening that I am personally inviting you to! Join me (for FREE!) for an evening talking light, technique, critters, planes, places and people as we use our photography to celebrate life. Precision Camera is hosting the evening at their Anderson Ln, Austin Store. I look forward to sharing stories, memories and photographic tools & techniques during this celebration!

Lovin AnyQuestion!

I’ve been on the app for only two months and already, I have 309 answers! Launched in the past year, AnyQuestion is an amazing and unique app putting you in direct touch with the experts. This is not just a photography app, no, not by any means! The field of experts is breathtaking from Swimming to Nutrition and all stops in between. You’re saying, yeah, what’s new about that? The first is, you’re going to receive a video response to your question! You’ll hear the words, see the facial expressions, get a much longer and complete answer then you’ll find anywhere else, except in person. Next, you’ll get the answer not just from the person you asked, but other experts who contribute and give you their slant to the answer broadening your answer and of course, possibilities. Folks like Joe McNally, myself, Christian Pondella, Dixie Dixon, Jasin Boland, Tom O’Brien, Charlie Hamilton Brown, Matthew Jordan Smith and many, many more brilliant photographers are there to help you with your questions, your photography. This is like no other app, no other opportunity. I encourage to click on My link and ask me a question. It just might be the answer that unlocks your future in photography. Click on the link, get the app and start today, you’ll love it!

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