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on Oct 30, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Do I Keyword?

Photo Mechanic

A common question that hits my email inbox is how do I keyword? This is especially true after my Workflow piece. Because of the way I file my images and requests we receive from clients, the only genre of my photos that receive a Keyword is my aviation images. All my critter, landscape, and other photographs receive no keywording. For me it’s real simple, there’s no money in it and since it takes time, I put it into other pursuits.

Adobe Bridge

Aviation though Keywording pays for itself. I do all my Keyword tagging in Photo Mechanic which then shows up in Bridge where I search for finished images to send out to clients. It makes it really fast and for that one genre of our business, that makes us money. So, do I keyword? Yes and no, only when it pays for itself.

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