You good folks have sent in a bunch of great questions about the Profoto A10, mainly asking, “Why have I evolved into the Profoto A10 flash?” A blog post just didn’t do justice to all the great question so I created this video. Like my Telephoto Flash video, this one is a tad lengthy to cover all the answers to all the great questions. I had fun filming the video, I hope it answers all your questions and helps you incorporate flash into your photography.

The Products you see in the video are:
Nikon Z 9
Nikkor Z50f1.2
Profoto A10 (3x – 1 is the light for the video)
Profoto Connect
Profoto Air Remote
Profoto Clic Octa
Profoto Clic 1/2, 1 CTO, 20′ Grid
Profoto Clic Snoot
Profoto Clic Dome
SmallRig Light Stand

I purchased all my Profoto gear directly from Profoto who provide great service!

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