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on Nov 6, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

How Many Cameras?

Quite often in posts, I mention how many bodies we have in operation in filming our Normandy Bound documentary. It’s hard to imagine how many bodies you need when you’re doing what appears on screen for a few seconds. Here’s just one example (the bottom photo is simply a quick production shot taken with a Z7 / Z35f1.8). Out of the scene on the top right shooting straight down on Samy and Davido sewing is a Z7 / Z24-70. On the left on the top, there is the Z7 / 70-180macro doing a close up of just the hands. In the middle is a D850 / 24-120 capturing an overall of the scene and on the bottom is a D850 / 105f1.4 at f1.4 capturing just the needle as it comes through the aileron. So that’s five bodies just to cover this one scene and a production shot. The lighting is Genaray LED lights set up to look like work lights rather than filming lighting. The trick in all of this is to STAY out of the way of the work and to set up gear that’s not in the view of other gear. Brent & I work fast to set up, triple check and then hit the Record button for a shot that in the final cut (if it makes it) a 5-7second scene. Phew! It might seem crazy but I’m here to tell you it’s a ton of fun. And that’s just one reason for how many cameras.

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