Really Right Stuff Ice Claws

I unscrewed the rubber foot which exposed the spike foot on the tripod for the first time and put my tripod down. Bam! The spike ran right into the ice, stopped, and the stability of my tripod with the big glass went from bad to worse as the spike rode the top of the ice. For a number of years, I had homemade “ice feet” that worked but were not great. Then Really Right Stuff came out with their Ice Claws and man, do they work! Snow or ice makes no difference, I have these bad boys attached (never, ever hit your leg with these attached. They will leave a mark!). Why these are superior to spikes IMHO is because they grab to the surface of ice/snow and don’t have to penetrate it like a spike to provide stability. They are like crampons for your tripod and they WORK! Folks have told me they are expensive but they are nothing compared to the gear they are supporting or the money spent to be at that spot that requires them. These are one of the greatest add ons for your tripod I can recommend to you!

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