KelbyOne is delivering what you’ve been requesting, an online conference Making Money with Your Photography Conference! The outstanding educators KelbyOne has lined up makes this one impressive and informative event you can’t miss! I’ll be there with two classes I’ve been asked to present for years by you folks. I’m pouring my heart and knowledge making Improve Your Photography by Going Into Business and Breaking Into the Editorial Market. You know me, I share it all and hold back on nothing and at the moment in a real panic. I have so much already in my classes, I’m way over the one hour I have to present! How will I cover it all is really huge challenge! Here are the two classes I’m presenting:

Improve Your Photography by Going Into BusinessMany think you go into the business of photography just to make money. Yes, the money is nice but the knowledge you gain to improve your photography is even nicer. Acquiring the knowledge from the professionals in the business of telling stories with your photographs is invaluable! Over the decades, what they have shared with me about my photography permitted me to grow and improve at every step. You don’t have to be in the photography business fulltime to access this knowledge trust. I’m going to share with you some of the knowledge they have passed along to me and how with really little effort, you can improve your photography by going into business!

Breaking Into the Editorial MarketIt is a huge thrill to see your photographs in print! Many though don’t think they can make that happen. Often many think that they can’t write and since they can’t write, they can’t get published in a magazine. Nothing could be further the truth! I’m going to go step by step on how you can get published not just once, but as many times as you have photographs you want to share with the world. I’ll debunk all the common myths and blow apart all the walls so you can submit with confidence, easily breaking into the editorial market!

I can’t wait to see ya in class!!!!

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