A little while back, my good friend Pat pinged me and asked if I knew anything about Kyno? I didn’t then but I sure do now. And now, you know about it! Kyno is an incredibly powerful DAM for video. It can do a whole lot, more than I understand which is why I highly, highly recommend you try the 30 day free trial. That’s what I did and the first thing I did was point it at my giant storage drive of video from that past decades. The first folder I opened from 2003 was a trip down memory lane. I figured all those old video types would shut down Kyno, instead Kyno let me see, scrub and organize all those old vids. The speed of Kyno is over the top just like Photo Mechanic is for digital stills. Kyno does near perfect color profiling for the various formats so I can see right in the window what I’ve got. Another aspect of Kyno I love is, when I right click and tell it to send a video to Premiere, it loads it right into Premiere without me having to jump through all those hoops you do when you natively open Premiere. With Kyno, I can go right to work just as with PhotoMechanic and ACR. What you see above in the background is the light table for the previews. Double click and the clip fills the screen and you can scrub, create clips, file, trash, everything and anything. Kyno has me excited about video again now I can organize and find even the shortest, esoteric clip on my drive. Kyno, an amazin video DAM!
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