I’m a huge fan of the Z 30! It is with me all the time, on my side or in my briefcase where I can quickly take those EDLs, selfies and make videos. Its small size, quality and versatility fit right into the kit making it an essential tool. Many don’t know though what ease the Z 30 can be used as a webcam. I am talking ease on a scale you didn’t know what possible. I use the Z 30 / Z16-50 and their are mounted on the Platyball/Platypod Extreme right in front of my iMac monitor. The Z 30 is connected to the iMac via a USBc/USBc cable with the Nikon Web Cam Utility making all the connect as simple as turning on the Z 30. Using the settings I have posted here, that’s it! It literally permits me to jump on the web and talk with folks in seconds which happens. The beauty of this is when I’m on the road and need to jump online, rather than using the camera in the MacBook so everyone can see up my nose (I hate that view) I can turn to the Z 30 as it’s always with me. It’s just one more problem solving feature the Z 30 brings to the table.

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