Blackhills Storm captured by Z 6II / Z14-24 / Miops

The photo I posted the other day (above) from the Blackhills brought in a number of questions, the biggest being, “What’s Miops?” Miops (available many places) is only THE best lightning trigger on the planet! I’ve tried them all and they all failed, except Miops. Miops has never failed, always works and is the simplest tool I’ve ever used. It connects to your iPhone with a great app, firmware is consistently being updates and makes lightning photography (and a whole lot more) a snap. I can’t recommend it enough.

The one thing I recommend you add to the Miops is a small ballhead, I use Small Rig, so you mount Miops via the small ballhead into the hot shoe of your camera. This makes it easier to not only point the Miops but get it above the shade on your lens. It’s a small thing that I think makes a big difference in getting the photo you want to tell the story of the storm.

Miops connectd to Z 6II / Z14-24 via Small Rig Ballhead

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