Kodiak Brown Bear captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6AFS

There is no doubt, I love my Nikon camera gear! There are so many reasons, the main one is it lets me, be me. And that’s a really important aspect of gear and the shooting experience I think gets lost at times. When you’re behind the camera watching that subject like this Kodiak Brown Bear, there is probably a lot that is going through your mind. For me, it’s asking questions like, “What’s the biology I’m seeing, what will it do next, what am I feeling and what story do I want to tell and how?” I’m thinking about the bigger picture of the whole shoot and then me, being me, my mind goes into business mode thinking about possible markets, if there is any. For me at this point in my shooting, it’s a whole process my mind circles whenever I’m behind the camera. You could wrap it all up in one word, confidence.

And I’m incredibly thankful for what’s not part of that process, thinking about my camera gear! All the gear in my Bag of Confidence was selected based on everything above, combining with my style and putting it all through the paces before I ever step out in the field to shoot. By doing that, having gone through and doing my homework before it’s time to go click, I have complete confidence when I go click. I’m a guy who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. My thought process I mention above would fall apart, the photo would never come to be if I have to think about my gear too. I didn’t come to this point overnight, it took decades and I remember the frustration I felt at times. I’m just here to say that, you will get to that point, it just takes time. You too will have more than gear in the “ol bag!

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