This is one sexy lens! This is one wickedly sharp lens! This is a lens who many might not think is needed with the release of the 70-200VR2. The only problem with that thought, the 200f2 is f2 and the 70-200f2.8 is f2.8 and that extra stop at 200mm makes all the difference in the world. The 200f2 is a specialty lens, it’s not one you have with you all the time (most photographers). It is large and heavy compared to any other 200mm lens and just doesn’t slip into a should bag easily.

Why do I have this lens in my bag? It’s always with me when out shooting big game. When I want to make that big critter pop from its background while still including it, you jsut can’t beat f2. There are times in low light situations when that f2 is the only cure (I’m not a “crank up the ISO” kinda shooter). I also use this lens a lot shooting landscapes because on the D3x, it just delivers stunning images. Lastly, I still love photographing folks and this lens just brings a whole new feel and look to portraits.

The 200f2 works fabulously with the TC-14e, TC-17e and TC-20e. Personally, I use the TC-14e on the 200f2 while the other converters hardly, that’s just a personally taste for working focal length. You’ll notice the 200VR is wearing a LensCoat, this is for protection. You’ll notice though it’s not wearing all the pieces that are made for it. You’ll also notice the tripod foot has been swapped out by the one made by RRS, their LCF-15. When the shade is reversed for storage, the lens foot goes inside the shade. If you add a plate to the tripod foot that comes with the 200f2, the shade won’t reverse, it will hit the plate. If you use a quick release system, your option is either this replacement foot or never reversing your shade.

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