Yeap, it’s a normal lens. 50mm is considered the “normal” lens for the FX format. And it’s a f1.4 which makes it a “fast” lens giving you a pretty narrow DOF especially close up to a subject. But when it comes to AF, this is not the fastest lens in the line-up, might me one of the slowest actually. It’s become a favorite knock around lens of mine, in part because of it’s amazing sharp performance and in part because it looks so hot on the D3s. Now that’s silly reason to have a lens but I never said I was totally logical. It is interesting that to get AFS performance (in name only), the front element size was increased from the long standing 52mm to 58mm. While we didn’t get the speed, we sure did get the performance out of the new optical design. You’ll find a whole lot of images on the site doing a search for 50f1.4.

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