The 70-180 is simply put, a killer lens! It is so physically small, so bloodly tack sharp and it goes to nearly 1:1, it’s a real bummer the AF is dog slow. On the digital platform, the 70-180 delivers nearly a 1:1 reproduction and with the Nikon 6T does it with amazing image quality. We’re talking great corner to corner performance and for a zoom, pretty remarkable. It’s a great macro lens with a great working distance. But whether you focus at infinity, MFD or any point in between, the very flat plane characteristics of the 70-180 make it a stand out lens. I know many a 70-180 owner who think it is the sharpest lens they own (probably why they bring in more used then what they cost new).

But no, it doesn’t focus fast! I typically have the lens in manual focus mode in fact. It is an f4.5 lens, so it’s not fast in that respect either. It’s amazing sharpness and small, compact nature more than make up for its slowness. It also doesn’t work with any of the current teleconverters so it is what it is when it comes to focal length. That’s why regretably it rarely get’s out of the studio but it’s such a gem, I just can’t get rid of it, in fact, I have a backup just in case. I just love this lens!

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