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on Jul 19, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Nothing like a LensCoat in Summer!

I feel much better now the 180-400VR is wrapped up safe and sound in its LensCoat! Walking through a forest, working in a crowd and an airshow, my own basic klutziness, are just some reasons I trust my gear to LensCoat. The one thing about the 180-400VR, the “nameplate” is on the rotating collar which I rotate around when I’m shooting handholding the lens. I could easily scratch that up but not now, the LensCoat protects it perfectly! And I like how it also protect the 1.4x lever on the side. That’s a nice touch. It’s a simple investment that pays for itself if you want to later sell your gear and have it look like new. I can do simple, I do LensCoat!

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