3021 Looking for a Home capture by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

Ever have the feeling that you have a subject but when you put that camera to your eye, it disappears? You’re not alone, this happens to us all but it’s not a sign your photography is off track. A couple of weeks ago when I was up working with Northern Lights, I spent the daylight hours scouting for nighttime shooting locations. In Alaska, you can find the darndest things, here is just one example of that. Out on Chena Hot Springs, there was this mighty train engine literally parked on the side of the road. The nearest tracks are fifty or more miles away. Loved the colors in the softly falling snow but I didn’t see any photographs, none. But the subject was calling to me, what was it that was calling me? When you just aren’t feeling the love from the subject, ask yourself, “what’s the subject saying to you (this means you know the subject to start with)”? In this case, it is that the trucks are all goofed up. This sent my mind to the symmetry of the engine and this lead me to the long lens. None of this means the photo is worth a darn. It just means that if I think through things, I will know if my photography is off track.

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