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on Apr 30, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Polarize a 14mm … No Way?!

Waco QCF-2
captured by Z7 / Z14-30 / 82mm Polarizer at 14mm

Yes, way!!! The new Z14-30 is simply a brilliant lens!!! It is small, light, compact (14-24f2.8AFS is now in mothballs) and wicked sharp. In the old days, that’s about all you could say about a 14mm lens, but not no more! I’m so excited that now we can talk about FILTERING a 14mm with a screw-in filter! Hot dang!!!

Waco QCF-2
captured by Z7 / Z14-30 / No Polarizer at 14mm

The new Z14-30 has an 82mm filter thread and can accept amongst other filters, a 82mm Polarizer! I depend on polarizers for removing reflections and having that power at 14mm makes me one happy photographer. You can see above how the polarizer removed the reflections on the sides of the fuselage that you see in the lower photograph that was not polarized. Even better, you can see that there is NO vignetting with the polarizer attached at 14mm. I love that Nikon is going with 82mm as all my favorite lenses, 105f1.4, Z24-70f2.8 & Z14-30f4 all accept that size. This is one happy camper!

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