SmallRig’s Z 8 Convertable L Plate

The Z 8 is a great tool and its size makes it perfect for remote work. Connecting it to a clamp requires a plate for my work and until this week, I was making do with one of the million pieces of aluminum sitting in a drawer. I went looking for a convertible L Plate for the Z 8 but most won’t be available for a month or so. I reached out to SmallRig (I have a number of their products and love them) and they told me they made one for the Z 8 but in small numbers and it won’t even be on their website. They told me to look at eBay, I did, I now have it and it’s simplistic beauty!

It is only $55 with shipping! That blows my mind!! What blows it more is, I don’t need a special tool to attach it to the Z 8. Even more, the “screwdriver” that is part of the plate (pictured below) also removes the L portion of the plate (red arrow). Even more is, the screw stays with the L portion when it’s removed. I don’t have to carry special tools, don’t need to worry about loosing parts, it just works! I love that fact it just works so I can just work. For me SmallRig has done it again, the perfect L Plate for the Z 8!

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