The ProGrade PG05.5 Dual-slot reader

I went looking for the fastest reader I could find to compliment the speed of the MacBook Pro Max and there was for me a clear winner. The new ProGrade PG05.05 Dual-Slot Card Reader is a screamer! Using AJA System Test I got average speeds of W903 / R662 with peaks of W1775 / R1245! In this process I tested seven other CFexpress Type-B readers with the PG05.5 clearly the fastest. Does it really matter? I comes down to your shooting and workflow habits. For me, time is precious with anything I can do to be back out behind the camera and not the computer is worth the expense. The small size, light weight and speed, it was a no-brainier adding it to the kit. I’m telling ya, the ProGrade PG05.5 is a screamer reader!

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