ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ 2.0 Type B Memory Card (Gold) 1700
The race for space seems to be heating up or, it never stopped with ProGrade coming out with their 2TB CFexpress cards. I got the twin pack and loaded the Z 9 & Z 8 right up with them. Love the extra space especially when shooting video. But with this extra space I have changed up my workflow a tad.

I still use PhotoMechanic to ingest and then wipe the cards as I always have. Now though when I reinsert the 2TB card into the Z 9 / Z 8, I do the “Full Card Format.” Why? If I need to do a card rescue for any reason, I need 2TB of space maximum to rescue the card if I don’t do the Full Card Format. With the soft format and with the way I shoot, I could easily have 2TB of images to rescue and then go through to find the few I want to actually rescue. I realize that all of this is either scary to some, confusing to other. I just wanted to let you know the change I’ve made.

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