The gorgeous Nikon Prostaff P3 10×30 bins!
I was into Nikon long before I was a photographer. I grew up using my dad’s Nikon binoculars he brought back with him from the war. They help foster my love for birds. You come to The Ranch and you’ll find a pair of Aculons in each window. And my Nikon 12x50s are always on my desk. So you can say, I have a binocular addiction! This past week, my dear friend Harry needed a pair of new bins and picked up a pair of the brand new (just released in June) of Prostaff P3 10×30 and OMG, are they gorgeous! They are the same basic size of the Aculon, a tad heavier but man, are they BRIGHT!!! They are built like a tank armored coated and did I mention, they are BRIGHT! I picked up a brand new pair (can never have enough) for $109! And I no sooner got them in and Sharon tried them and I … was getting a 2nd pair. They are great!!!
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