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on Jan 23, 2014 in Wildlife Photography

Purrin Right Along


Ten months ago, I first posted my discovery why we weren’t having any Flying Squirrels coming into our feeders at night. I’d looked out and seen a young Bobcat perched in the tree right above the feeder. Over the last ten months, we’ve seen it only a couple of times. I was looking forward to snow being on the ground so I could more easily track it. But with no snow, didn’t know if it was even still really around. Then a week ago it reappeared and has been here every night since. In fact, it’s out there on the limb right now as I type. And I haven’t a clue why and it’s driving me nuts!

Northern Flying Squirrel 0082

While we have rabbits on the property and they had young again a couple months back, we’ve never seen any sign of them ever being prayed upon. And Bobcats love rabbits, their relationship well documented in the literature. A number of years back, we did find the tail of a flying squirrel and always assumed a Pine Martin got it as we have them. Now though, I just don’t know. All I do know is the squirrels have moved around the corner of the house to the other feeders where I can’t photography them and the Bobcat, it’s just not been wanting to play. Until last night ….


I seem to check all night long to see if first, it’s present and second, what it’s up to. The first few times months ago, it would either leave or go so high up in the tree, I could not see it anymore. But the last few nights, it just has laid on the limb and watched me. Yes, I talk to it because, well, what else is one to do besides stare. When I found it last night, it was on a lower limb and as you can see, there was very little obstruction between it and me. So after studying the situation for a while, I went back inside. Ten minutes later I went back out to see he it had moved, it was still asleep. So I went back in, grabbed the D4, 200-400VR2, set the ISO to 12000, set the zoom to 400mm, put the Fenix Flashlight in Sharon’s hands and went back outside. Well, we walked under the tree, Sharon lit up the cat, I shot some frames which at the end, it kinda peeked at us and then we went back inside. I went back out an hour later and it hadn’t moved. Went back out another hour later and it was gone. And as soon as it disappears, the squirrels are back in the feeder. I really wish the snow would come, I really want to find where it goes during the day. I just love having here at night. A photographic challenge is well under way and the jinx has been broken!

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