The Rode VideoMic MTG a top a Z 30

Once the Z 30 hit my desk, I was instantly looking for the perfect mic for it. Perfect in not just sound, but size, weight, price and ease of use. The Rode VideoMic NTG fit my needs like a glove. You can see in the photo above when compared to the small size of the Z 30 how small the VideoMic NTG is. What be hard to see how conveniently the mic cable folds and is held by the mic so extra cable isn’t flapping in the wind. You charge the mic via USB-c port and it turns on and off with the camera, you don’t to think about it. It has a simple big knob on the rear that you turn to perfect volume, using the camera’s sound graph to adjust. And if you use it on the Z 30 or example in the Selfie mode, the sound is great! Like any shotgun mic, the closer the better. I’ve used the NTG to about six feet of the sound source until the sound started to fade. If you’re looking for great little mic, I highly recommend this one!

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