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on Mar 28, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Share Your World!

Printing, I love printing and even more, sharing those prints with others like these I’m getting out to the pilots of my last air-to-air photo mission. We are incredibly fortunate, us photographers! We are able to take our passion for the world and capture it, bringing those memories back home with us to relive over and over again. I strongly feel that we have a responsibility to not only improve our visual storytelling but to share it with others to effect a change in our world. We can do both as we print more and master that realm of our photography. I want to encourage you to do that which is why I have Print Lab here for you for free. To answer the most common question, what printers do I use, they are the Epson P7000 and Epson P800. How much do I love to print? Give a listen.

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