Soliom Hummingbird Feeder w/Camera BF10 (v2)

You’ve probably seen on social streams videos of birds, hummingbirds coming into feed. I know I’ve seen a bunch and thought that’s pretty cool. Then the folks at Soliom reached out to me and the pursuing conversation resulted in the Soliom Hummingbird Feeder w/Camera BF10 (v2) landing in our garden. Yeah, it does that video thing (like their seed feeder) but these feeders are more than a fun social talking point. The can really help you improve your photography! How? Glad you asked!

We’re getting ready for spring here at the homestead though winter really hasn’t made it yet. Only by a happy accident did we discover in 2023 that the first visitation of our returning hummers was 01 April, no joking. Then we spent a whole lot of time watching the feeders to see who was coming in, when and then thinking through the light to determine the most productive time to be out with the camera. I love photographing hummers. Well the Soliom takes care of almost all of that homework. The camera does more than just video birds. It will send you a notification when there is a bird at the feeder. It will ID the species and it does this by sending the info to you phone so you don’t have to stare at a vacant feeder all day waiting. This is killer for me as I can’t see the feeder from my desk but now, I’ll know all that trivia so I can see the activity real time so I can get the photos with the time is best. And tool that helps me get the photo and maximizes my time at the same time is a win-win for me!

The folks at Soliom have thought this thing through to the nth degree! They have their homework as the feeder comes with booklets after booklet. How to feed birds, deal with squirrels, proper making of hummer food, feeder placement, two hanger for the feeder, extra flowers and perches, it even comes with two brushes to clean the feeder. You can charge the internal battery (comes with micro SD card) using USB-c or get their solar panel to keep the camera charged. Set up is fast and simple through their app. I mean gesh, this is simply a brilliant product. Those who are into printed instructions, Soliom even provides written, illustrated instruction on how to use their App!

All I have to do now is wait a few months as I have it all set to go for the hummer to arrive. And this year we will know exactly who and when they first arrive no matter where we are with the simple brilliance of the Soliom Hummer Feeder!

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