I’ll be totally upfront with ya, I got this unit because I was so curious just how the magic works! I wanted to discover how the camera mounts, and rotates and if this was a gimic or a tool. The new SmallRig Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate is a thing of design and machinery beauty that works brilliantly! To start with, it only works with the Z 6 & II / Z 7 & II / Z 8. It comes with an anti-twist camera mounting plate which I use. This slips into a clamp. That clamp in turn is connected to the rotating collar. Both of these have locking levers and safety buttons so nothing is going nowhere unless you want it to. This “mount” slides up and down that you adjust just once for the body you’re using and then you can mount / dismount all you want without adjusting any setting. You have to change nothing when you change lenses! The actual “rotation ring” makes no contact with the lens and only with the body via two, small support tabs. With that, you can rotate from vertical to horizontal and back again with great, smooth ease. You’re spinning on the lens axis so you do not have to “reframe” the photo when you rotate. You can even easily change lenses with the camera mounted to the rig. Whoever designed this thing knew what they were doing, it works flawlessly.
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