SmallRig Z 9 L Plate bottom

When you look at the price, you gotta wonder, but SmallRig delivers killer products! I have blogged about many and most think of SmallRig as a video accessory company. They do excel there but they make many plates for our gear which are simple, really well designed, and inexpensive ($69!). I’m showing you the bottom because it exemplifies what I’m saying. There is the main attachment screw holding the L-Plate to the Z 9. It’s in a moving slot so if you are needing to access the end of the Z 9 for plugging in cables, no problem. The non-twist is a screw you can use or not. And the silver alien head thing on the left is an easily used screwdriver to work both of the screws that are in a slot held in my magnets. Then you have a bunch of other attach points around the L-Plate for attaching other SmallRig items. All this and it weighs nothing but is one hundred present rock solid. I just love the SmallRig Z 9 L-Plate elegance!
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