F4 Phantom captured by Z 6 / Z85f1.8

Black & White photography caught my imagine and ignited my romance from the very start of my photography in high school. My love for its power and inspiration has never wavered but sure has been challenged in the digital age. The Z changed all of that making it literally a simple click from vision to image. Many ask about it, some have really complicated ways to get to it and for a lot, it’s too scary to even attempt. I’d like to help on all accounts.

Here is a simple PDF on how I approach B&W. It has all my camera setting all the way through finishing in ACR. It’s all here step by step and for free! Photography is all about grabbing heart strings and nothing is more romantic than a well done B&W photograph. My hope is simple, you go out and tug at someone’s heart with your visual storytelling. The world needs more romance!

Yosemite Falls captured by Z 7 / Z24-70f4

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