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on Jul 22, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

The Mysterious CS #a13

Our cameras are so smart, they can make us feel stupid! Case in point, the mysterious Custom Setting a13. When you have no lens on the body, it does not appear in the menu. You put a lens on the Z6 / Z7 like the Z14-30 and it still does no appear. Put a Z Lens on with a focusing ring like the Z24-70f2.8 and it appears. Magic!

Actually, it’s not, it’s just smart programming and brings up a point I’ve mentioned a few times before. It’s always a smart idea to go through your camera’s instruction manuals months after you’ve put it down. I always do that and it reminds me of something I learn and forgotten or, simply didn’t know. Nikon makes it an easy airplane flight read with their Nikon Manual Viewer so you can read them on your smart device. The moral to this story, know your gear so works its hardest for you and your photography!

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