The Nikon D4 is the finest and funniest Nikon I have ever shot with! Coming from the D3x, I wondered is the shooting with less megapixels would be noticeable. Nikon did an excellent job with the D4, so much so that I don’t miss the D3x at all! The D4 has so many features that make it a stand apart.

The number 1 new feature of the D4 that rocks my world is its 6 stop range. This coupled with the new 91k meter and Exceed processor evolves exposure and photographic possibilities. Then comes its 10fps with nearly 100 frame buffer! While not a feature I use all the time, the times I’ve needed it, it rocks! Simple things like Custom Setting e4 is huge as is its new level feature. Then there is its video with 1080 video with its 2.7 1080 crop which is outstanding!

You can find my D4 settings here.

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