The brand new Ninja V monitor comes at the perfect time! This brilliant, small, light, bright and powerful tool works with the new Nikon Z6 / Z7 to record their 10bit N-Log file. If you don’t know what a 10bit, N-Log file is, think of it as a video HDR format for not only expanded exposure but color as well. It’s simply a gorgeous file once you finish it in Premiere. The Ninja V can run on AC or DC and Atomos has their own special SSD Drives or you can do as I did, use an SSD in their case. In the video you see me hand-holding the monitor, that’s not normal. We have it either mounted to the hotshoe, gimbal or tripod via a bracket. And the Ninja V itself is a treasure trove of options, tools, and abilities that honestly, go over my head but Brent was really excited to see and use them! The combination of the Z Family and the Ninja V simply rocks!

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