Z600f4 w/ Z 9 attached

The Z600f4 is gorgeously spectacular! It is the sharpest telephoto I’ve ever shot with if not sharpest lens period! It’s not a secret that I love long glass, shooting with them all over the decades, including my treasured and all-time favorite, the 800f5.6 AFS. And while it’s hard to come to this realization but as I get older, the romance of carrying big, heavy gear isn’t as romantic as it once was. That’s why I first requested the loan of the Z600f4 from NPS to see if it was a good fit for me and my photography. I’ve shot and owned all the 600f4s in my day starting with the manual version. And of all the long glass I’ve shot, without a doubt, the Z600f4 is the best! Did I mention it’s really sharp! Here’s the real biggie for me though when it comes to the Z600f4. It is four pounds lighter and focuses five feet closer than the 800f5.6 AFS! Four pounds lighter and focuses five feet closer … oh my! That’s a monstrous improvement that my back and photography truly appreciate! The Z600f4 has an internal 1.4 that engages with a flip of a lever. The vast majority of the time I have it engaged so I’m shooting at 840mm f5.6 which is my favorite focal length. And it’s really sharp! And it feels like a zoom as I can disengage the 1.4 and be at 600mm. And if I need even more reach, I add the Z1.4x or Z2x delivering outstanding image quality. The wait to buy one is long, 4-6 months minimum but to me it is so worth it. The latest addition to the kit is the spectacular Z600f4! mtc

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