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on Jun 21, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Takeaway

captured by D5 / 800mm

Learning that improves our mind and hearts moves our photography forward!

1. Get it right in the camera! So much easier (and quicker!) to get a final image that is representative of what you see.

2. Go as long as you can or you will come up short. There was more that one occasion where I wished I had more reach.

3. Keep learning how to use my equipment better. I have downloaded Snap Bridge and am learning how to use it as an example. There are many more.

4. Exposure, exposure, exposure! Be aware of how light is changing and adjust accordingly.

5. Be nimble and use your knowledge of behavior and biology to get the best shot. Don’t follow the “herd,” especially in places like Yellowstone and the Tetons. The best bear shots I have are a result of your anticipation of where the bears were headed and not where everyone else was standing.

6. Be cognizant of heat shimmer and adjust as best you can. My badger shots are not as sharp as I would like. Hope for clouds or a breeze!

7. Keep working on hand-holding and long lens techniques. Force yourself to not to rely on higher ISO to get sharp images.

captured by D850 / 24-70VR

This is Craig’s list of “takeaways.” After our Adventures, we follow up after folks have gone back home by going through the images of our workshop clients because the learning doesn’t stop once we put you back on the plane. Much of the learning takes place talking in the van or at meals that are put into action at the camera. Craig & Chris both, along with their photos sent after they got home, listed their “takeaways.” Takeaways is another way of saying what they learned shooting with me in Yellowstone. As a teacher, it is always very satisfying to see some of the lessons make an impact and help a student down the road. We have this and so much more we share on our workshops we want to explore with you. And if you want to join us, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 because what Craig shared here is waiting for you, a great set of takeaways!

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