Some of the contents of my Cleaning & Repair Kit that travels with me.
I recently received a great email from Kent (thanks) which in part he asks “Thanks for the sensor cleaning video, but what all do you take with you on your trips to maintain your camera gear?” This is a great question! So good, I created a KelbyOne Class on this topic but I don’t go through everything that I have with my on projects. Not that I guarantee I’ll list everything here, but I’m going to make an attempt at it. First is what is in my sensor cleaning kit. Its contents are:

VisibleDust Ultra MXD-100 Green Sensor Cleaning VSwabs  x20
VisibleDust Ultra MXD-100 “Green” Corner Swabs x20
Visible Dust Swab light
Nitcore Blower
VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe
Eclipse Optic Cleaning Solution 0.05oz
Lens Clens (known as Pink Juice)

This is just my sensor / gear cleaning kit. It all fits in the small case you see in the lower right corner. The “stuff in the case in the upper left corner is the repair / spare parts case. What’s in it takes longer to list and sadly, much I can’t link. You might have to do some searching to find the same or like item as I’ve had some of it for a long time. Its contents is:

Micro screwdriver & Tronic tweezers set
Spare Z body & rear lens cap
Repl Tripod rubber foot
Spare DK-33 / DK-2 eyecups
Nikon DK-17a Anti-fog eyepiece (though I don’t how I can use it on the Z 9)
Spare 10-pin / PC covers Z 9
Spare Nikon BS-1 Hot Shoe Cover
Spare Zenelli Head parts
Kodak Lens Tissue (long discontinued now sorry to say)
Spare batteries for Sensor Loupe
VisibleDust Mini Quasar 7x Sensor Loupe (emergencies)
Krazy Glue (not opened)
Gaffer Tape
KAIFNT K451 Ultra Low Profile Screwdriver Bit 23 piece Set w/Mini Ratchet Wrench
Piece of clean, white T Shirt
Leatherman Wingman
There are some other small odds & ends that have no name and they’re “just in case”

All of this is housed in that plastic case pictured in top left corner. The two plastic cases, parts & sensor cleaning are simple cosmetic cases I think I picked up at Walmart. Those two cases reside in a Think Tank Logistic Manager V1 case. That is always packed in my checked-in luggage vertically so when scanned, its contents are for the most part invisible. And that Kent, is what I take with me to keep the gear cleaned and functioning in the field. Thanks for the great question!

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