Philmont Metcalf Rail Station captured by Z 8 / Z40f2

It’s so small, I think of the Z40f2 as a glorified body cap. It is with me all the time, all the time! And I love to shoot with it especially on the Z 8, the pair making a great, compact shooting kit. Last week while at Philmont I was out shooting Metcalf before sunrise when another shooter said, “I’m shooting with the Z40f2 too.” Then another said, “I am as well and just love this lens!” Not sure if it is its price, feel or what but it would seem not too many know about the Z40f2 and those of us who do simply love this little lens. It made this photo real simple to capture. Shooting handheld at ISO100 f2 in Mode #17, when the porch light was turned on, I walked over in front of the station, bent down a bit (eyelevel is often not the best angle), dialed in -1 exp comp, went clicked and was done. Had plenty of time for a couple cups of coffee before the light came up and the main show began. You want a simple, clean, sharp little lens, can’t recommend enough the understated Z40f2.

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