photo courtesy of Nikon

You might have missed during these times Nikon’s new Z24-200f4-6.3 release. While I read about it, it didn’t like stick in my mind because I hadn’t thought about the possibilities. Then I saw that my dear friend Vincent Versace got one and he’s a smart guy so I stopped and thought about it. Sharon and I had just gotten home from fly fishing with Sharon doing the photography. Right then and there, I contacted Bedford Camera and the very delightful Z24-200f4-6.3 was soon in my hands. But your question should be, why?

shot with Z6 / Z24-200 @24mm & 105mm

I needed an air-to-air lens for the Z6. I need a 200mm that would close down to f/32 or more (it goes to f/39). I have the 70-200f4 for the D6 but had nothing for the Z6. Next, I wanted a single lens to have on my shoulder when out with the 800mm for landscape work (24-200 is perfect). Next, I wanted a landscape lens for the Z7 to complement the Z14-30 & Z24-70f2.8 (again, 24-200 is perfect). We needed another greater than 70mm lens for shooting video with the Z bodies for the second camera. And finally, needed a longer lens than 105mm for Sharon for photographing fly fishing. While Z24-200f4-6.3 is the perfect answer, it wasn’t until Vinnie got it did it land on my radar as the very obvious answer to our needs. But is it a good lens?

Lee Metcalf NWR
captured by Z6 / Z24-200

I’ve had the Z24-200f4-6.3 for just a week now and I am so delighted with it, its performance, and addition to the kit! It’s much more than a “good” lens. It is so small, so light and so sharp, I’m loving having it. I didn’t need a “fast” lens. I needed a really convenient lens that filled all these needs and didn’t break the budget. Being on today’s scale as an “inexpensive” purchase, it was truly a no-brainer. It’s gorgeous results and fun to use and easy to carry has made it the fun lens purchase on 2020 for us.

Is it the right lens for you? That’s truly the important question and one I don’t directly have the answer too for you. As you can see, it fits lots of holes in our photographic needs and with Sharon liking to shoot with it, it’s a slam dunk. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for this kind of range for a lens because of holes in your kit … like the perfect travel lens, check it out. I think it’s a very delightful Z24-200f4-6.3!

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