Z 9 / Z400f4.5
The new Nikkor Z400f4.5 S lens is an absolute delight to shoot bringing all photographers an amazing tool to add to their kit! Small, light, sharp, and fun, the Z400f4.5 by itself or with either the Z1.4x or Z2x offers wildlife, aviation, sports, and all photographers, legendary telephoto performance. How did Nikon create this amazing lens? How can you put it to use in your photography? What accessories might you want to add to the Z400f4.5? This is just some of what I covered in the video.

The Z400f4.5 for me has four major attributes endearing it to my style of photography. Its physical size and weight (4.1 in. (104 mm) x 9.3 in. (234.5 mm) / 41 oz. (1160 g) ) make it very portable and easy to handhold all day long. Its MFD (8.21 ft (2.5m) from focal plane) produces outstanding image size. And finally, it is sooooo sharp by itself or with either Z teleconverters. One aspect of this lens that is truly personal that I didn’t know I had been missing so much is being able to bebop around with a bird lens on my shoulder! That was something I did for many, many years bringing a ton of enjoyment and filling my library with many bird images still earning money today. I am very grateful the Z400f4.5 has brought that back to our lives!

Here are links to items mentioned in the video:

Z400f4.5 VCM
Really Right Stuff
SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Head

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